MailBox Services


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Our mailbox services offer you peace of mind. Your mail and packages will be kept secure until you are ready to pick them up.

Have a small business that keeps your mailbox overflowing?

In the middle of moving and need a safe place to receive your mail?

Want to avoid packages being left on your porch for hours at a time?

We are here to help – just redirect all your packages to us!

You can reserve your mailbox service right here on our website. While completing your storage rental, just select from the rental service drop down box.

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Mailbox Services FAQ

What will my mailling address look like? You will use the Discovery Storage address, followed by a Suite or PO Box Number.

How do I sign up for the mailbox service? You can add this service during the rental process or just stop by the office and we can get you set up.

Can I call to see if I have mail? Absolutely!

Can I receive packages in my mailboxes from all carriers? Yes!

Can you hold my mail if I am away? Sure thing!

Can other people pick up mail from my mailbox? The mailbox requires a key. If you share the key with someone, then yes.